The Department of Information evolved from the Press and Public Relations Unit in the Premier’s Ministry in 2001. It was felt at that time, that enough was not being done to make the people of Nevis aware of the workings and activities of the Nevis Island Administration. The first major production was the Nevis Newscast (NNC) in November of 2000 which was produced 3 days per week highlighting the projects being undertaken in the various ministries of the Government.

Over the last 15 years the department has seen growth firstly in having the Nevis Newscast (NNC) become a daily feature in the lives of the Nevisian audience. Additionally, there was the need to do special features and interviews which found a special place in the hearts of all Nevisians. With basically three types of programs which were News, Interviews/Features and Ceremonies the Department through its brand name Nevis Television (NTv) began broadcasting 4 hours (6 to 10 pm) on weekdays from as early as 2004.

Later a number of departments within the administration saw the platform as a viable option to reach their audiences and this pushed the development of different shows which sort to inform, educate and entertain a captive and growing audience. Within the last year again with the demands from our audience Nevis Television embarked on online programming making the station available internationally as well as on Internet based television devices. In 2017 Nevis Television became a 24 hour per day broadcasting service.

The goal of Nevis Television has been firstly to make Nevisians at home and in the diaspora aware of plans programs and activities of the Nevis Island Administration. The management of NTv also recognize that it has a responsibility to provide quality programming that would enhance the social, moral and cultural attitudes of our audience.